Gentoo proxy developer for amanda-ebuild

/ 7 Juli 2007

For quite a while now I am a happy user of Gentoo Linux for all my productive machines.

On Gentoo Linux Staffing Needs I found the call of Robin H. Johnson for help with backup-related packages.

I contacted him and he suggested to mentor me to become a Gentoo Developer. I took the challenge and finished the ebuild-quiz successfully, although this process left me with the impression that I would have to learn many things to finish the eom-quiz and feel confident as Gentoo-dev afterwards. Maybe I have too much respect but anyway … I have respect for gentoo-devs for sure, not only and even more after trying to become one of them …

Being busy with my work I decided to put that on pause and Robin “recruited” me as a proxy developer for the amanda-ebuild instead.

So my duty is to look for amanda-related bugs on Gentoo Bugzilla, to relay issues from the amanda-folks to the gentoo-folks and vice versa and to test new unstable releases here on my hardware.

I also suggested some changes to the amanda-ebuild which went into ebuilds up from amanda-2.5.1_p3-r1 and run fine so far.

Visit the fresh amanda-ebuild

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