The official documentation of Amanda

/ 1 März 2006

The main reason for becoming member of the amanda core team (thanks, Jon ;) ) was my intention to completely update and overhaul the existing documentation.

I converted all the Amanda-docs from plain ASCII to Docbook/XML (using vim, yes … ;) ). By using and adapting the build-tree that is used in the docs-tree of Samba this enables to generate various output-formats, like txt, ps, pdf and html.

Currently the main protagonists of Amanda-development prefer a Wiki as main tool of documentation, so the xml-docs-module in the Amanda-CVS is only used for generating manpages right now.

The rest of the documents are unfortunately incomplete and outdated because of that neglect.

See The Official AMANDA Documentation at for the html-output my xml-docs provide.

See The Amanda HOWTO Collection at my own site for a copy of the rendered pdf.

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