migrate to a modern DHCP server solution

Good old isc-dhcpd won’t be maintained anymore in the future so it’s time to plan to migrate to a new DHCP solution.

ISC Kea is the modern successor and brings a modular and extensible design.

It brings DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 (for those who want that …), DDNS.

It brings the “Control Agent” with powerful APIs to manage the Kea server.

A great enhancement is “Stork” , a graphical dashboard for monitoring multiple Kea servers (which can be run in High Availability clusters).

I currently work on a migration project from isc-dhcpd-cluster to a kea-cluster and look forward to support more customers doing that.

isc-dhcpd might be kept available in smaller appliances like routers and access points for a long time. It’s also expected that linux distributions will keep it backported for quite a while. But it won’t be developed anymore, so migrating to Kea might be the better solution.

Getting a modern WebGUI alone is a key feature worth doing so IMO.

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