pfSense is a powerful router- and firewall-distibution based on FreeBSD and the packet filter “pf”.

Some of the many features:

  • IPv4/v6 stateful firewall
  • NAT
  • DNS, Dynamic DNS
  • DHCP
  • Proxying (HAProxy, Captive Portal)
  • Multi-WAN (multiple internet lines, Load Balancing, Failover, etc)
  • High Availability
  • VPNs (IPSEC, OpenVPN, Wireguard …)
  • SSL/TLS-Certs (ACME, LetsEncrypt, …)

In general I prefer to use pfSense on hardware of the official project partner netgate to keep things well tested and supported.

I offer support for:

  • installation
  • configuration
  • migration (from/to separate hardware)
upcoming here: translation of the german content

on the german version of this article I describe things around HAproxy and Multi-WAN. I still have to translate that!